is a public Git hosting site. You can create a project here and then publish your development by pushing to it, or even enable push access for multiple developers. Alternately, you can just set up a mirror of any project published elsewhere and we will provide pull and gitweb access for the project. (read more, incl. terms&conditions)

This service is BETA. The service is maintained by Jan Krüger, please contact him with any requests, proposals or issues.

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How to grab a project?
git clone mirror_URL
See the crash courses at for more detailed introduction. You can find out the mirror_URL for each project at the project's summary page.
Project Description Owner Last Change
git-articledb.git A web database frontend for... 12 years ago
gitbook.git Book: Git for the working... 14 years ago
gitrecipes-data.git Article data for 10 years ago
mustdie-data.git Article data for 14 years ago
nte-php.git Nested Template Engine, PHP... 14 years ago
repo.git Local version of 13 years ago