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The articles in this repository are made available under a Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 license (henceforth referred to as the License).

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Developer's Certificate of Origin

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Please note that is an edited website. As such, I do not guarantee that your submissions will be adopted by it, but it's quite likely if you contributed useful material.

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2011-10-25 Jan Krüger line-endings: proof reading master mob
2011-10-24 Jan Krüger Re-order categories so "understanding" comes first
2011-10-24 Jan Krüger New article about line endings
2010-01-08 Jan Krüger bare-vs-nonbare: fix mistake in chmod example
2009-11-29 Jan Krüger bare-vs-nonbare: heading formatting fix
2009-10-21 Jan Krüger bare-vs-non-bare: new article that explains the terms...
2008-12-16 Jan Krüger Rewrite instructions in undo-failed-rebase to make...
2008-11-10 Jan Krüger First article for gitrecipes. Yay!
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